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to all the world

The first online platform for
exporters from all over Latin America

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What I´ll find in Superhelp Exporta


We connect you with thousands of
importers from all over the world



Thread Tools

We have strategic alliances with
platforms that will allow you to
evaluate your future
clients and be sure
to do business with them

Online store

The way Superhelp shows
the world is through the online stores
hosted on our platform


We apply marketing strategies
to bring products from all over
Latin America to the world.
We believe in the quality
of your products.



The creation of your store is important, it will be the first impression that your importer will take away from you, keep it active and well decorated
will help you to connect with more importers

Step1 - Register

Register on the web, placing a user, authorized email and password, give REGISTER and ready.

Step2 - Start to export

Once registered, place the button START TO EXPORT and click to fill our data.

Step3 - Fill in your details

We begin to fill in the data required for our company to register. It is important to upload all the data correctly so that our store looks reliable.

Step4 - Create Store

After filling out our data, we begin to manage our store, where we will have the options of placing banner, company logo and more

Step5 - Add Products

We begin to upload our products and explore how we can make our store stand out, if you have doubts you can contact any of our advisers, with Helpy Chat.

Step6 - Updates

Once uploaded our products and advertising banners, we corroboramos that everything is uploaded correctly. If you have any problems you can contact us through the Helpy Chat.

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